Saving Coco – Marin Humane
project name

Saving Coco – Marin Humane

  Hideout 19 partnered with Marin Humane

  • Client:

    Marin Humane

  • Our Role:

    Director, Producer, Cinematographer, Editor


Hideout 19 partnered with Marin Humane to create a film to tell the untold story of what happened to Steve Carters dog Coco after she was shot on October 5th, 2015. It’s a touching story of love, loss and how community comes through in our darkest times to connect us back to what makes us whole again.

Please consider contributing to Marin Humane where 100% of your donations go to the animals they help everyday.


Produced by: Hideout 19 (

Director / Editor: Mario San Miguel

Director of Photography: Andrew Eckmann

Associate Producer: Marshall Potter

Herself: Lokita Carter

Director of Animal Services: Cindy Machado

Veterinarian: Lisi Bowyer

Production Assistants:

Brent Benaway

Antonio San Miguel